Songs for single pringles

    Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels

It is true that sometimes being single can make you feel fed up and lonely and dating the wrong people make you feel like you’re better off being single than with some jackass.  But here’s the thing, while being single can be frustrating for some people, it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. Being single means that you’re strong and wise and you won’t settle for less than you deserve.

Being single also gives you time to focus on yourself and to iron out any issues you may have going on in your life. Besides if you’re not happy by yourself you won’t be happy with another person. Whether you’re happy on your own or waiting for love to find you, here’s a playlist of songs for single people to remind you to be confident within yourself.

  • Beyonce – Single ladies
  • Cee lo green – Forget you
  • Britney Spears – Stronger
  • Elliott Yamin – Wait for you
  • Katy Perry – Roar
  • Taylor Swift – Shake it off
  • Demi Lovato – Confident
  • Cyndi Lauper – Girls just wanna have fun
  • Katy Perry – Part of me
  • Nelly Furtado – I’m like a bird
  • Fifth Harmony – That’s my girl
  • Jason Derulo – Ridin’ solo
  • Clean bandit – Solo
  • Chaka Khan – I’m every woman
  • Shania Twain – Man I feel like a woman
  • Spice Girls – Wannabe
  • Iggy Azalea – Fancy
  • Cardi B – Be Careful
  • Kygo – It ain’t me
  • Matoma – Lonely
  • Sza – Supermodel

To all the boys I’ve blocked before

I haven’t had to block many people in my life. I would always have a fairly good enough reason to block someone whether by phone number or on social media. The few people who I have blocked were quite similar and I guess this is my way of explaining why you (the people I’ve blocked) were blocked and how you can hopefully learn from it.

Dear all the boys I’ve blocked before,

I blocked you for a reason. I gave you a chance, I was friendly but you were out to gain attention, you were out to annoy someone. You asked for a video call at 2 in the morning and when I declined you kept on ringing. I had only spoken to you within five minutes. You were blocked.

You said that you loved me, that you have never met a woman like me. I was gullible and wasn’t listening to my conscience. You mentioned marriage time and time again. My health gradually deteriorated. All you did was lie. All you thought of was advantage. You didn’t care. But I did so you were blocked.

You didn’t even know me. You saw some selfies I put on snapchat. I was fully clothed but you asked was I a slut. You called me a bitch then proceeded to say I was a princess. You were just plain creepy. You were all once again blocked.

You. You were different. I actually met you in person. I thought you were different but you lied to me, time and time again. First about your height then you wanted me to change what I wore, how I dressed. You said it didn’t suit me. You disrespected women, including me. You insulted others several times and you didn’t even care. I called you out on the things you did but you said I was being selfish and arrogant.

I left but you decided to call me at 4, 5 and 6 in the morning even though you knew I had college at 7. Once, I was wrecked and I answered. You said you were sorry. You said you would make it up to me but you never did. I only knew you a little over 3 weeks and already you had shown your true colours. I blocked your phone number but you called using your friend’s phone.

I blocked you on Facebook but you messaged me using a different account. You sent several paragraphs. You wanted me to unblock your number but I knew if I did you would continue to try and control me and I would never escape your grasp. So I blocked you.

All of you wanted someone who you could use or try to manipulate. But I’m not a stupid girl. I knew you weren’t genuine, I choose to overlook it but eventually I could see through your lies.

When you block someone it’s usually because you don’t want to hear from them, you don’t want to listen to their lies, you want to move on and that’s what I’m doing. Moving on. Moving on from lies, disrespect and narcissism but most importantly I’m moving on from you.

I hope you take into account what I have mentioned. You can always change for the better, you can become a better person every day. You need to see how you treat others. So now you know why u’ve been blocked. Maybe you can learn from your actions or then again… maybe not.

Yours sincerely,

The girl who blocked you

If I won the lottery

For years my parents have been purchasing lottery tickets on a weekly basis. Have they ever won the lottery? No.(Well apart from this time they won a very small amount). But sometimes when we sit together checking our tickets, the question pops up . What if? What if we won the lottery? I don’t exactly know what they would do but here’s what I would do if I ever won the lottery…

  • Pay off any bills, loans etc

I couldn’t really enjoy anything knowing no matter how much money I have, if I don’t pay the bills I’ll have no house so I’d get all that sorted first.

  • Give some money to my parents

My family aren’t rich. Our definition of luxury is a comfortable house and a roof over our head. I have always been thought to be thankful for what I have. I would give money to them to pay off different things or to just go on a shopping spree for themselves.

  • Give money to charity

I would definitely hands down have to give some money to charity. I want to give back to people in need however I can and by donating I hope I could contribute to them living a better life.

  • Buy things for my dog

I’d love to buy him like little coats for the winter or hi-vis jackets.

  • Savings

I’d put some money into savings for the future.

  • Treat myself

And finally I would treat myself to a shopping spree.

My dog, my world

I decided to dedicate a post to my dog, Rocky. He’s a 7-year-old Jack Russell Terrier. Rocky was six months old when I got him. I was in 5th class so I was 13. He was such a small little puppy. I remember I was crying over maths homework( I’m really bad at maths) and my parents had told me they were going shopping.

They pulled up in the car and I opened the sliding door to ask my dad could he help me with my homework. My mam opened the car door and in her arms was a small little dog. I was really shocked.

Rocky had a little tour of the house. He was kind of frightened obviously because he hadn’t a clue who we were. The people who gave him to us wanted to keep Rocky but he didn’t get on with their other dog so they had to give him away.

For a while, we wanted him to get used to his surroundings. We have a big back garden so he had plenty of space to run around. We had a cat at the time who used to stay on the windowsill but they couldn’t be left in the same room. However, they protected each other and were quite friendly.(Sadly the cat died a few years later). Sometimes when my mam opens the window to let the steam out, Rocky still looks up at the windowsill and barks.

After getting used to his surroundings, my dad and I took Rocky for a walk. Except Rocky hadn’t been taken for a walk before. While he was still a puppy he constantly pulled on the lead, hurting his neck in the process. My dad got him a harness to stop putting pressure on his neck which has worked wonders.

We also got a dog flap installed and I trained him to use it myself. He learnt how to use it within a week or two. Jack Russell Terriers are really smart so he picked it up fairly quickly. He also figured out how to open the door himself.

He has really good traits but also some fairly bad ones. We were told by the people who gave Rocky to us that as a pup he was abused by the owners and was going to be used just for breeding. Rocky still growls when you put your feet too near him. He can be pretty snappy, never with me but strangers. He acts like a tough guy around bigger dogs when in fact he’s terrified of the hoover and has regularly attempted to bite the wheels off of the lawnmower.

He’s getting older but he’s still my rock, my buddie, my baby( I know but like who doesn’t tell your dog you’ll be back soon when you go out?). I know he’s a dog but he’s a part of our family. When I sat on the couch crying over complete jerks, he jumped on the chair, snuggled against me or licked my face.  When I come home from college he waits in the kitchen and greets me, his tail wagging and jumps into my arms. He always finds some way to make me happy without saying a single word. That’s what I love about dogs. They can’t talk to you but they find little ways to show you they care.

For now, he sleeps by the fire, teddies gathered round him and a cozy blanket nearby. He’s my dog, my world. X




My Favourite Things About Winter

It’s officially Winter! Christmas is around the corner, it’s bloody freezing and depending where you are in the world, there’s a chance of heavy snow(rarely snows here in Ireland). I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the… okay I’ll stop. Anyway, it’s now Winter and to mark the occasion I’ve decided to write a post on my favourite things about Winter. So without further ado…


Christmas has to be at the start of the list. While I don’t get as excited as I used to when I was small, I still really enjoy Christmas. I love spending time with my family, opening presents and eating Christmas dinner. And the Christmas movies are the best as always. Favourites are elf, the grinch and the polar express.

despicable me christmas GIF

 Hot chocolate

Yes you can still drink hot chocolate in Autumn but I just love sitting in front of the fire, watching tv and drinking a warm cup of hot chocolate(with marshmallows).

northern lights disney GIF by LEGO



I love going for a drive and looking at other people’s Christmas lights. Christmas lights just make a place seem magical.

snow winter GIF


Cosy blankets

I love snuggling up in a cosy blanket with my warm fuzzy socks just watching telly.

watching eric cartman GIF by South Park

Cold air

This may sound a bit odd but I really like when you can see your breath in the cold air.

freezing youtube GIF by Impulse Series


Christmas shopping

It can be a bit frustrating especially when you haven’t a clue what to get someone for Christmas but I really like picking out presents for people and then going home to wrap them.


hey arnold nick splat GIF


I always drink bailey’s in the Winter as well as eating Toffifee sweets from Aldi which are yum btw.


 eating bored jim carrey grinch the grinch GIF




Personally, I’m not a fan of the cold but I do love snow. It snowed really heavy here last year and my dad and I built a giant snowman out the back. I can’t watch The Snowman movie though coz it makes me cry.

edward scissorhands snow GIF


Christmas market

Strolling through the Christmas markets really is quite magical. Will I buy something? Probably not. But will I continuously stare at snow globes and proceed to turn them upside down? You bet your ass I will.

christmas winter GIF


Christmas songs

Ya All I want for Christmas is great but listening to Fairytale of New York is a necessity. Maybe some Micheal Buble songs too.Or Jingle Bells. Or pretty much any Christmas song ever made.


zooey deschanel singing GIF


So what are your favourite things about Winter?? Let me know below in the comments. Thank you for reading, take care X

My November Goals

Ah I’m getting into Christmas mode already. I can already feel Fairytale of New York playing on the radio in the next few weeks. Anyway, I hope everyone is having a good month so far.

I have decided to use November as a month to sorta turn my life around. I can’t completely change things in a month but each day I will try to improve on myself whether that be through fitness, reading, socializing or being more productive in general.

I’m not gonna lie I haven’t exactly had the best year. From breakups to heartaches to constantly crying, to being really depressed, ya it hasn’t been the most amazing year. But hey, I’m still here. Despite everything I survived another year and I’m incredibly proud of that.

I have recently been looking up self-love and self-care boards on pinterest. My main goals are to become healthier and happier within myself. My other November goals are as follows:


  • Exercise more(work on my lower body)
  • Eat healthier
  • Read more books
  • Get up at 7 am
  • On Sundays, take a social media detox day
  • Post two blog posts every Tuesday
  • Try 10 minutes meditation daily
  • Before I go to sleep, write 5 things I’m grateful for in a journal


So those are my goals and plans for November. I’m gonna see how I get on and hopefully I can reach my goals this month.

Thank you all for reading. Take Care x

Thank you, next

I have only had one long term relationship, one brief relationship and the rest were just like an online flirting situation. This is a little post inspired by Ariana Grande’s new song “Thank you, next“about what each of these guys taught me.


  • S taught me how it’s wrong to lead people on
  • D was a scam artist and taught me that brainwashing is possible
  • De taught me how not to treat women
  • K taught me first love and heartbreak
  • Kl taught me that there can be real dickheads in the world
  • E taught me that some guys are just a jerk in disguise
  • P taught me that if some guys don’t want to go to the bother of meeting someone in person and just wanna talk online, they aren’t interested


Each of these guys taught me a lesson. They certainly weren’t right for me.  While K wasin’t really a jerk (relationship just didn’t work out) majority of them were insecure in themselves, had an attitude problem or just frankly couldn’t care less about anybody.  I always tend to attract jerks. They know just how to charm their way straight to your heart and then ultimately break it.

The world that we live in simply has more jerks than nice guys. Why? I really don’t know. The nice guys are always hard to find. If you do happen to have a guy that adores you, sticks by your side no matter what, is loyal and respects you, keep him. Guys like that are rare in this day in age.

The lessons I have learned from the guys listed above have made me a much wiser person. I am single for now and using this time for me and to improve on myself. While I wait to one day find the one, all I can say to all the above guys is Thank you, next.

I’ve got so much love (Love)
Got so much patience (Patience)
I’ve learned from the pain (Pain)
I turned out amazing (Turned out amazing)
I’ve loved and I’ve lost (Yeah, yeah)
But that’s not what I see (Yeah, yeah)
‘Cause look what I’ve found (Yeah, yeah)
Ain’t no need for searching

Dating dilemmas

Ugh,dating is hard. Meeting someone, arguing, breaking up, making up,breaking up again. I mean who has the time? I’ve experimented with some dating app the latest one being Tinder. I arranged to meet a guy who was interested, crushed hard and then found out he didn’t want a relationship. ( Okay then, I’m just gonna go ahead and cry. Thanks for wasting my time, jerk. )

sad how i met your mother GIF

I chatted with a few guys on snapchat. Again,arranged to meet with a guy,thought he was the best thing since a sliced pan, and it all went to shit. ” Let’s go for dinner but I want to do adult stuff afterwards and every time after that.” Like seriously dude?That’s your way of wooing a woman ?

confused wait what GIF

After all the crying to my mam over what could have been, I was repeatedly told ” well back to the drawing board” to which I wanted to scream if she said that phrase again.  Dating is tough. At times, all you want to do is get out the tub of ice-cream and have a good cry while watching a romance film on this particular occasion.#heartbreak day

bridget jones GIF

A lot of people keep looking for “the one”. I do believe that there is someone for everyone. Someone who understands you, is faithful and kind. Maybe we just need two steps to one day finding the one.

Step 1- Learn to love yourself first. How can you love someone else if you don’t love you first? Self love is so important. It may seem selfish but putting yourself first can actually be good for you.

Step 2- Keep looking. Don’t give up on your search. Do your own thing but get out there,socialize, keep dating and eventually you will meet the right person for you.

I went on Tinder for a week and here’s what happened

Image result for tinder

You can see from the title what this article is about so without further ado , this was my experience of the dating app Tinder.

My settings – Interested in men
Within 50 km

Age 18- 25

My bio: 5’3 . Looking for relationship. x Text me. Enjoy blogging,watching movies,listening to music and photography.

  • Day 1 – 5 matches
    I installed the app. Swiped left,swiped right. Got 5 matches.No conversations.


bored tinder GIF by SoulPancake


  • Day 2 – 15 matches
    Swiped yes – 107
    Swiped no –  640

On day two, a few guys said hey and that was it . A few conversations started.  One guy asked me to be his girlfriend after five minutes of a conversation and hasn’t been heard from since. Tinder started to become addictive.

chris hemsworth tinder GIF by lunarpapacy


Above picture – This is how I tracked the swipe rights(yes) and the swipe lefts(no). I used tally charts to count the amount. In the beginning I used four of these small sheets each and by day 6  I reduced the amount of sheets to just 1 .


  • Day 3- 4 matches


  • Swiped yes-33


  • Swiped no-410


Day three the recommended guys were definitely not my type.  

I talked to one guy for ages before I realised he was only after one thing.

judge judy eye roll GIF


  • Day 4-total matches 55
    Swiped yes-12
    Swiped no-28

Again,wasn’t a good day for swiping however, I was able to establish what type of guy I like(brown hair,brown eyes,very attractive,nice personality,tall)


i want you flirt GIF


  • Day 5- total matches 59
    Swiped yes-17
    Swiped no-330

I’m starting to look really picky aren’t I?


picky prude GIF

  • Day 6- matches remained the same.
    Down to three full conversations
    Swiped yes-2
    Swiped no-75

On day 6, I switched to only doing tally chart on one piece of paper and only swiping until I ran out of space on paper.


homer simpson episode 10 GIF


  • Day 7- 4 matches today
    59 matches in total
    Three conversations
    No swiping today

On day 7 , I didn’t bother swiping as I felt it wasn’t really needed. I had already gotten 59 matches where I only had a conversation with three men. 3/59 ! Other guys said hey and I never heard from them for the rest of the week. One jerk proceeded to behave in a horrible manner to me and was very disrespectful for the simple reason I said no to sleeping with him ( no wonder you’re single lad ) .

i wonder emma stone GIF by Saturday Night Live


Matches chart out of 55 matches day 4

1. Brown hair-35 guys          63%
2. Brown eyes-29 guys         52%
3. Within 30 km-24 guys     43%
4. Tall-20 guys                      36%
5. Age 18-20- 19 guys         34%
6. Age20-25=16 guys          29%
7. Beard-9 guys                    16%
8. Over 50km-9 guys           16%
9. Green eyes-5 guys              9%
10. Shane,Stephen,

sean- 4 guys                           7%
11 .40km-4  guys                    7%
12. Tattoos-2 guys                  3%
13. over 25-1 guy                   1%
14. Blonde hair-1 guy             1%
15. 50km-0 guys                     0%


Said hey first- 7 guys



Majority of guys on Tinder

  • Have beards
  • Cigarette in their mouth
  • High hairstyle
  • Are called Shane,Sean or Stephen.
  • Are not going to text you
  • Are students


Why I swiped left

  • Didn’t find them attractive
  • Group photos
  • Pictures with other girls
  • All body pictures(abs,gym etc)
  • Knew them
  • Inappropriate bio
  • Fake profile
  • Christmas Jumpers
  • Only after one thing(need I say more?)


siggy GIF

My tips for the men using or thinking of going on tinder are:

  • Use a nice bio – Not many women are going to swipe right if you mention you have many leather whips up for use. In your bio,keep it short and to the point but mention specifically what you are looking for (relationship,hookup etc) and mention what you bring to the table(can you cook, can you carry in the shopping,are you a good listener,are you open to watching romantic movies ?).
  • Mention your height – Yes height is important .Nobody wants to show up to a date where your match is 6 ft 7  and you’re 5 ft.
  • Occupation: Do you work?What do you do?Are you a student?
  • Put your best picture of you on your own. It will save you the dreaded which one are you later on.
  • Don’t put an ab picture as your best picture . Yes you have a nice body but will you cuddle with me ?Probably not.
  • Quit adding your snapchat name. Not every girl wants to receive a dick pic.
  • Add more than one picture(at least three from different angles)
  • Just stop it with the group photos already(again how are we supposed to know which guy you are?)
  • Read bios carefully. Before you text your match make sure you read if he or she are interested in just a hookup or a serious relationship. It will save you the awkwardness later.
  • Just say hey already. No your match is not going to bite.


Conclusion: Tinder is a very interesting app. It has it’s good and bad moments. You may match with a genuinely nice guy or a complete jerk like I mentioned above. Tinder being defined as a hookup app isin’t entirely correct. There are men on it that are looking for a serious relationship but unfortunately there aren’t many. There are also men that will lead you on and make you think they want a relationship but they don’t. From my week on Tinder, I did not get into a relationship and I didn’t meet any of my matches in person.

I wouldn’t recommend Tinder if you are looking for a long term relationship due to the many reasons stated above. I think I’m just gonna go with Jeremy’s advice from The Mindy Project for now . x



mindy project GIF


Why I Like Reading

I like reading and there are many reasons why and here are a few:  Books transport me to another world. A world where society is different,the people are different,where every place I go I am a different character with a different personality. Sometimes I am the heroine, sometimes I’m not. Sometimes I get the (really hot bad guy that everyone wants) you know the guy right??😁Sometimes I get the really nice guy and sometimes I don’t get any guy.

I wear an old fashioned dress or a bodycon. I look for a husband in a competitive culture or the guys are in search for a wife. I’ve been in love or I’ve never loved. I am lost or I am found. There are various possibilities with various outcomes. In books you can be whoever you want to be. You’ve lived so many lives without even realising it. Books allow you to dream and to explore the what ifs.

Books calm the mind. They give you a sense of accomplishment after you finish the book. For this reason and the many others I’ve mentioned above , I would encourage everyone to read as often as they can.