4 mental health pet peeves you might relate to

Mental health issues are hard enough to deal with on their own but combined with stigma and discrimination, it can be difficult to be yourself for fear of being judged. Some people just don’t understand but are supportive and that’s okay but sadly, others maybe do/don’t understand your diagnosis but stigmatize you or define you based on your illness. Here are 4 mental health pet peeves you might relate to …

“Other people have it worse than you”

“Think of those who are less fortunate than you”. I do but I can’t save the world if I’m battling with my own mind.

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When someone uses mental health as an adjective

“OMG that celebrity I like got engaged, I’m like so depressed.” “This homework is making me so anxious. ” Try being anxious/depressed every day.

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“You don’t look depressed”

Why, that would be my mask I wear occasionally #fakesmiletohideoverwhelmingamountofsadness

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Defining someone by their mental health issues

This one is unfair in so many ways. Don’t judge someone because of their mental illness. Period.

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Despite the stigma, here’s one last piece of advice:

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