The thrift book by India Knight – book review


Feeling poor because of the credit crunch? Feeling guilty because of global warming? Feeling like you’d quite like to tighten your belt, but aren’t quite ready to embrace DIY macramé handbags?

No need to panic. Put down the economy mince and buy this instead. It’s a blueprint for living beautifully while saving money and easing your conscience.

India Knight(no slouch when it comes to extravagance) shows you how even a dedicated consumer and child of the more – is – more 1980s can mend her ways, embrace the New Thrift and find her life – and bank balance – dramatically improved in the process.

India Knight will show you that saving money and tightening your belt isn’t a penance – it can be fun and glamorous (and a great deal more satisfying that buying the latest It – bag).

Overall Plot

India Knight gives us her tips and tricks on living your best life on a budget. Knight covers everything from dinners, clothing, holidays, crafting and managing money.


This book was published in 2008 and I can tell you from reading this alone that a lot has changed in terms of clothing and crafts. Trends have been constantly changing in the 11 years since this book was written so some of the tips are quite old-fashioned and dated. However, there is some quite useful information within this book which may come in handy.

There’s a little section called seasonal food where Knight shows all the fruits and when they are in season which I thought was quite useful. Knight also recommends shopping at farmers markets, eating locally produced honey and to be smart with sales in order to live comfortably on a budget.

India Knight encourages us to take up hobbies such as knitting, crafts and quilting to bring out our creative side which also saves money.

 Knight also touches on topics within the fashion industry such as which high street brands oppose child labour.


A nice book detailing how to save money but still manage to look good and have fun nonetheless.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

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