Under rose-tainted skies by Louise Gornall – book review

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I’m Norah and my life happens within the walls of my house, where I live with my mom, and this evil overlord called Agoraphobia.

Everything’s under control. It’s not rosy – I’m not going to win any prizes for Most Exciting Life or anything, but at least I’m safe from the outside world, right?Wrong. This new boy, Luke, just moved in next door, and suddenly staying safe isn’t enough. If I don’t take risks, how will I ever get out – or let anyone in?

Overall Plot

Nora suffers from Agoraphobia. She lives with her mom who constantly worries about her and gets regular therapy sessions from Doctor Reeves to help her cope. Then one day while hunting away a blackbird she sees the new neighbour, Luke. Luke gradually starts putting notes to Norah in the letterbox and Norah fears what Luke will think and will face some of the biggest challenges she could have ever imagined…


Under rose-tainted skies has all the feels. It made me laugh and cry. I couldn’t help smiling when reading about Norah and Luke, its just sooo cute. Norah’s mom is super supportive and the doctor helps her out a lot too. Louise Gornall does a great job of describing Agoraphobia especially for those who don’t have it as we get an insight into what it’s like to go through. Norah has many fears but despite her agoraphobia she is very brave.


A beautifully written book describing a young girl’s life with agoraphobia while also experiencing bravery and love. Would highly recommend.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

My Favourite Quotes from Under rose-tainted skies

The point is {the blackbird} can fly away whenever it wants.

“She knows I would be completely isolated without the internet. The clunky plastic box with flashing blue lights is my friend. Sad, but true. It helps me keep a toe in real life.”

“When people say “weird”, what they really mean is “different”. And difference has never been a bad thing.”

“Beauty comes from how you treat people and how you behave. But if a little lipstick makes you smile, then you should wear it and forget what anyone else thinks.”

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