Mental Health Awareness Month

Happy Friday! Today we’ll be talking about Mental Health Awareness Month.

Where did it all begin?

Mental Health Awareness Month was started in the United States in 1949 by the Mental Health America organization which was then known as the (National Association for Mental Health).

What is the purpose of MH Awareness Month?

It’s purpose is to raise awareness and educate the public about: mental illnesses, such as depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder; the realities of living with these conditions and strategies for coping with these illnesses.

The green ribbon represents mental health awareness. The hashtag #breakthestigma is commonly used across social media during mental health month.

2019 Theme

2019’s theme for MHAM is explained in a statement by MHA :“we are expanding upon last year’s theme of #4Mind4Body and taking it to the next level, as we explore the topics of animal companionship (including pets and support animals), spirituality, humor, work-life balance, and recreation and social connections as ways to boost mental health and general wellness”.

This will be Mental Health America’s 70th year celebrating Mental Health Month! Themes in the last few years included mental illness feels like, risky business and fitness #mind4body.

Why it’s important to spread awareness about mental health during MHAM

Mental health advocates are constantly bringing awareness to mental health all year round but during mental health awareness month , it is a chance for everyone to join together to try and break the stigma of mental health.

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