Thinking of dyeing your hair red? Read this first

Note: Note: I am not a hairdresser. These tips are based on my own red hair. My mother dyes my hair because she has been dyeing her own hair for years. If you are considering dying your hair red seek the help of a professional first.

Here’s everything you need to know before becoming a redhead

You may need to dye your hair a few times to get it to the shade you want

  • Depending on the red hair dye you buy(Schwarzkopf, Garnier, Loreal paris etc) there will be many shades of red in store. Your hair may not turn out like the model on the hair dye box.

If your hair is a dark colour, the first time you dye your hair it won’t be red right away

  • My natural hair colour is a kind of dark brown so when I first dyed my hair it looked different but not really red. The more times I dyed it it gradually became redder.

Every time you wash your hair, it’ll “bleed”

  • Bleed refers to the red colour stripping out of your hair

You’ll need to dye your hair every 4-6 weeks to keep the shade bright

  • Red hair colour is the hardest of all hair colours to maintain. Every time you wash your hair the colour will fade so in order to keep the colour you’ll need to dye your hair every month or so.

Use shampoos and conditioners specifically for coloured hair

For example check out some of shampoos and conditioners in Boots:

Wash your hair maximum of twice a week

  • If you can bare washing your hair in cold water it’ll help with the “bleeding”.

Research red hair dye and your skintone

  • Bright reds may not suit light skin tones so be careful which red hair dye you use
  • You can always search Google or Pinterest to get some red hair inspiration

Here you can find some red hair dyes available in Sam McCauleys:

7 thoughts on “Thinking of dyeing your hair red? Read this first”

  1. I’ve been thinking of using henna to dye my hair red – I did it once a while back but as it was my first time dyeing my hair I didn’t leave it on for very long as I didn’t want too much of a dramatic change! It was subtle and it soon faded back to my normal colour (medium brown). I imagine your advice would apply to henna hair dye as well so I will bear it in mind!

    1. I don’t have any experience of using henna dye but I assume from what you mentioned it may be just a temporary colour? I just use the box dyes but like I mentioned in the post I would go to a professional if dyeing your hair red for the first time. Dyeing your hair dramatic colours especially red can go horribly wrong. You could also try temporary hair dyes if you are not sure you’d like the hair change. Thanks for reading x

      1. I think henna is probably classed as semi-permanent – it fades over time but once you have put henna on your hair, you can’t use regular hair dye over the top because the henna blocks it from absorbing into the hair. I prefer to stick to natural products which is why I chose henna over regular dyes. The change was quite subtle when I did it, and I might try it again leaving it on for longer for a slightly redder effect – but I’m definitely not going for a dramatic change! x

  2. Red can be crazy to keep up. I started to just get red highlights a few years back and over time that build up I found lasted better than all over put I know soon I’ll just want dark hair again

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