If I won the lottery

For years my parents have been purchasing lottery tickets on a weekly basis. Have they ever won the lottery? No.(Well apart from this time they won a very small amount). But sometimes when we sit together checking our tickets, the question pops up . What if? What if we won the lottery? I don’t exactly know what they would do but here’s what I would do if I ever won the lottery…

  • Pay off any bills, loans etc

I couldn’t really enjoy anything knowing no matter how much money I have, if I don’t pay the bills I’ll have no house so I’d get all that sorted first.

  • Give some money to my parents

My family aren’t rich. Our definition of luxury is a comfortable house and a roof over our head. I have always been thought to be thankful for what I have. I would give money to them to pay off different things or to just go on a shopping spree for themselves.

  • Give money to charity

I would definitely hands down have to give some money to charity. I want to give back to people in need however I can and by donating I hope I could contribute to them living a better life.

  • Buy things for my dog

I’d love to buy him like little coats for the winter or hi-vis jackets.

  • Savings

I’d put some money into savings for the future.

  • Treat myself

And finally I would treat myself to a shopping spree.

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