To all the boys I’ve blocked before

I haven’t had to block many people in my life. I would always have a fairly good enough reason to block someone whether by phone number or on social media. The few people who I have blocked were quite similar and I guess this is my way of explaining why you (the people I’ve blocked) were blocked and how you can hopefully learn from it.

Dear all the boys I’ve blocked before,

I blocked you for a reason. I gave you a chance, I was friendly but you were out to gain attention, you were out to annoy someone. You asked for a video call at 2 in the morning and when I declined you kept on ringing. I had only spoken to you within five minutes. You were blocked.

You said that you loved me, that you have never met a woman like me. I was gullible and wasn’t listening to my conscience. You mentioned marriage time and time again. My health gradually deteriorated. All you did was lie. All you thought of was advantage. You didn’t care. But I did so you were blocked.

You didn’t even know me. You saw some selfies I put on snapchat. I was fully clothed but you asked was I a slut. You called me a bitch then proceeded to say I was a princess. You were just plain creepy. You were all once again blocked.

You. You were different. I actually met you in person. I thought you were different but you lied to me, time and time again. First about your height then you wanted me to change what I wore, how I dressed. You said it didn’t suit me. You disrespected women, including me. You insulted others several times and you didn’t even care. I called you out on the things you did but you said I was being selfish and arrogant.

I left but you decided to call me at 4, 5 and 6 in the morning even though you knew I had college at 7. Once, I was wrecked and I answered. You said you were sorry. You said you would make it up to me but you never did. I only knew you a little over 3 weeks and already you had shown your true colours. I blocked your phone number but you called using your friend’s phone.

I blocked you on Facebook but you messaged me using a different account. You sent several paragraphs. You wanted me to unblock your number but I knew if I did you would continue to try and control me and I would never escape your grasp. So I blocked you.

All of you wanted someone who you could use or try to manipulate. But I’m not a stupid girl. I knew you weren’t genuine, I choose to overlook it but eventually I could see through your lies.

When you block someone it’s usually because you don’t want to hear from them, you don’t want to listen to their lies, you want to move on and that’s what I’m doing. Moving on. Moving on from lies, disrespect and narcissism but most importantly I’m moving on from you.

I hope you take into account what I have mentioned. You can always change for the better, you can become a better person every day. You need to see how you treat others. So now you know why u’ve been blocked. Maybe you can learn from your actions or then again… maybe not.

Yours sincerely,

The girl who blocked you

If I won the lottery

For years my parents have been purchasing lottery tickets on a weekly basis. Have they ever won the lottery? No.(Well apart from this time they won a very small amount). But sometimes when we sit together checking our tickets, the question pops up . What if? What if we won the lottery? I don’t exactly know what they would do but here’s what I would do if I ever won the lottery…

  • Pay off any bills, loans etc

I couldn’t really enjoy anything knowing no matter how much money I have, if I don’t pay the bills I’ll have no house so I’d get all that sorted first.

  • Give some money to my parents

My family aren’t rich. Our definition of luxury is a comfortable house and a roof over our head. I have always been thought to be thankful for what I have. I would give money to them to pay off different things or to just go on a shopping spree for themselves.

  • Give money to charity

I would definitely hands down have to give some money to charity. I want to give back to people in need however I can and by donating I hope I could contribute to them living a better life.

  • Buy things for my dog

I’d love to buy him like little coats for the winter or hi-vis jackets.

  • Savings

I’d put some money into savings for the future.

  • Treat myself

And finally I would treat myself to a shopping spree.