Counselling Issues

My doctor recently referred me to some counsellors after I had clinical depression. I thought that talking with someone other than my parents about how I was feeling would help and in the past it has but I haven’t been able to get a counsellor since …

Between the long waiting lists, and the short” we’ll get back to you” it can be really hard to get a counsellor. Especially a one at low costs. I recently called a counselling service and was told to opt in to the service so they could arrange for me to visit. I thought great, I’ll be able to see a counsellor in no time. I got a short text message” we have received your call and we’ll get back to you”. They never got back to me.

It really annoys me that this is allowed to happen. I’m okay now but I keep thinking of the people who are severely suicidal and need urgent care. You can’t expect them to wait can you? What are they supposed to do? Within that space of time anything could happen. They are depending on the service counsellors provide. They need urgent care and assistance. We’ll get back to you is simply not good enough.

I was also told the other day that I can’t receive any other services or funding because I haven’t been seen by a consultant/psychiatrist. Basically, she meant I’m not “bad enough”. What exactly is bad enough? When you are on the verge of dying? When you feel like giving up?

The mental health services seriously need to help people as quick as possible. Waiting months on end isin’t going to be of much use to a suicidal person. Thousands of people all over the world suffer from mental health issues on a daily basis. Yes, antidepressants help but what if it just isin’t enough?

I am lucky to have my parents to talk to but I honestly feel so sorry for the people who don’t have anybody to talk to. Mental health is not something that can be just brushed aside. People like me can’t do much more than wait so the only thing I can do is keep referring myself to different mental health services and counsellors and hope that I get a place.

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  1. It is truly sad that our health care does not take mental health more seriously. When someone is seeking help it should not be so difficult to get. I wish you the best of luck!

  2. This is probably one of if not the top social issue in the modern world today. I read an article yesterday that really hit the nail on the head. It said something like, You expect people who are severely mentally ill to have the complex reasoning skills and emotional patience to figure out the puzzle of the mental health system. I’ve been in a very similar situation before and it’s just a mess. I’ve literally been sent in circles trying to get help. I always said, if I wasn’t crazy before, I’m crazy after trying to get mental health help. lol… I know exactly what you are going through. I had to learn to just stuff all my feeling in for several weeks until I am seen. NOT HEALTHY! but that’s all I could do to not explode. I also had to be a super persistent advocate for myself, such as call everday and annoy them until they finally give you an appointmen ASAP. After awhile I said, very nicely, straight out, look…do i should not have to be suicidal to see someone? Since I’m not then it’s not urgent?? That’s not fair! After that, they took me seriously. Believe me, it’s so so so so hard and I was so mad at them for making me fight that hard when I was already fighting for my mental health. SMH. Good luck, just gotta hang it there because the system sucks. Mental health needs an overhaul. I think 100% patients need a case manager who calls us every day until we are seen by someone and makes sure appointments are made, kept, and not overlooked. Luckily, after years of this crap, I am feeling a lot better and I have a lot of tools, I found a very talented/skilled therapist, and support to deal with stuff now. I really just wanted to say, I relate and hang in there for yourself and no one else!

    I wrote a post about mental health that may help. “Hello, Human! Let’s Take Control of our Own Mental Health and Wellness”

    Teri –

    1. Yes the mental health system is a joke. People are literally being sent around in circles tryna get a counsellor. It isint fair especially when they class you being “bad enough” as when you can get urgent referral but when your not you just gotta sit tight. Anyway thank you for reading x

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