The Flawesome Award

Firstly, a big thank you to Ross of for tagging me. I honestly had never heard of this award before but the name of the award “flawesome” instantly made me curious to find out it’s origin and what the award is actually about.  Once again, I am very thankful for the tag and I would highly recommend you check out Ross’s blog . He’s a really friendly and down to earth guy.

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About the Flawesome Award

The Flawesome Award was created by Sophia Ismaa . The award celebrates our flaws that make us awesome and turning those flaws into strengths. As humans, we should embrace our flaws. Afterall, everyone has flaws whether they care to admit them or not. As Sophia herself says, “Our flaws make us flawesome” so admire your own flaws because you are awesome just as you are.

 The Flawesome Award Rules

Link back to the creator- Sophia Ismaa Writes

Display the Award

List three flaws and turn them into strengths

Tag 10 other people

My Flaws

I’m impatient

I’m impatient when it comes to people walking very slowly and I can’t pass them out or when my phone freezes or decides to act up in general. It just really annoys me.

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I lose my temper fairly quickly. Like if I’m trying to concentrate on something and someone keeps talking to me I’m just like “uh just stop talking for two seconds I’m doing something!”. While I don’t get mad at the drop of a hat, only in certain situations do I become extremely annoyed and just lose my temper.

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I’m Stubborn

While I don’t think I’m always right, when I ask my mam for advice and it sounds like good advice I tend to be like “oh ya I get what you mean” and then completely go against her advice because I think I’m right. I hate to admit it but my mam is usually right.

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Nobody is perfect, we all have flaws but it’s about recognising those flaws and realising they make us stronger individuals.

My 10 Nominations

Sorry in advance if any of you have done this already. Anyway here are my ten nominations.










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Thank you for reading! Good luck guys and have a great day.

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