Counselling Issues

My doctor recently referred me to some counsellors after I had clinical depression. I thought that talking with someone other than my parents about how I was feeling would help and in the past it has but I haven’t been able to get a counsellor since …

Between the long waiting lists, and the short” we’ll get back to you” it can be really hard to get a counsellor. Especially a one at low costs. I recently called a counselling service and was told to opt in to the service so they could arrange for me to visit. I thought great, I’ll be able to see a counsellor in no time. I got a short text message” we have received your call and we’ll get back to you”. They never got back to me.

It really annoys me that this is allowed to happen. I’m okay now but I keep thinking of the people who are severely suicidal and need urgent care. You can’t expect them to wait can you? What are they supposed to do? Within that space of time anything could happen. They are depending on the service counsellors provide. They need urgent care and assistance. We’ll get back to you is simply not good enough.

I was also told the other day that I can’t receive any other services or funding because I haven’t been seen by a consultant/psychiatrist. Basically, she meant I’m not “bad enough”. What exactly is bad enough? When you are on the verge of dying? When you feel like giving up?

The mental health services seriously need to help people as quick as possible. Waiting months on end isin’t going to be of much use to a suicidal person. Thousands of people all over the world suffer from mental health issues on a daily basis. Yes, antidepressants help but what if it just isin’t enough?

I am lucky to have my parents to talk to but I honestly feel so sorry for the people who don’t have anybody to talk to. Mental health is not something that can be just brushed aside. People like me can’t do much more than wait so the only thing I can do is keep referring myself to different mental health services and counsellors and hope that I get a place.

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The Flawesome Award

Firstly, a big thank you to Ross of for tagging me. I honestly had never heard of this award before but the name of the award “flawesome” instantly made me curious to find out it’s origin and what the award is actually about.  Once again, I am very thankful for the tag and I would highly recommend you check out Ross’s blog . He’s a really friendly and down to earth guy.

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About the Flawesome Award

The Flawesome Award was created by Sophia Ismaa . The award celebrates our flaws that make us awesome and turning those flaws into strengths. As humans, we should embrace our flaws. Afterall, everyone has flaws whether they care to admit them or not. As Sophia herself says, “Our flaws make us flawesome” so admire your own flaws because you are awesome just as you are.

 The Flawesome Award Rules

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My Flaws

I’m impatient

I’m impatient when it comes to people walking very slowly and I can’t pass them out or when my phone freezes or decides to act up in general. It just really annoys me.

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I lose my temper fairly quickly. Like if I’m trying to concentrate on something and someone keeps talking to me I’m just like “uh just stop talking for two seconds I’m doing something!”. While I don’t get mad at the drop of a hat, only in certain situations do I become extremely annoyed and just lose my temper.

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I’m Stubborn

While I don’t think I’m always right, when I ask my mam for advice and it sounds like good advice I tend to be like “oh ya I get what you mean” and then completely go against her advice because I think I’m right. I hate to admit it but my mam is usually right.

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Nobody is perfect, we all have flaws but it’s about recognising those flaws and realising they make us stronger individuals.

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