Why I Like Reading

I like reading and there are many reasons why and here are a few:  Books transport me to another world. A world where society is different,the people are different,where every place I go I am a different character with a different personality. Sometimes I am the heroine, sometimes I’m not. Sometimes I get the (really hot bad guy that everyone wants) you know the guy right??😁Sometimes I get the really nice guy and sometimes I don’t get any guy.

I wear an old fashioned dress or a bodycon. I look for a husband in a competitive culture or the guys are in search for a wife. I’ve been in love or I’ve never loved. I am lost or I am found. There are various possibilities with various outcomes. In books you can be whoever you want to be. You’ve lived so many lives without even realising it. Books allow you to dream and to explore the what ifs.

Books calm the mind. They give you a sense of accomplishment after you finish the book. For this reason and the many others I’ve mentioned above , I would encourage everyone to read as often as they can.

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