Romance novels- Unrealistic view of real love and relationships.

So I’ve read a lot of books,particularly romance ones but one thing has stood out to me. Why does the heroine have to be stuck between two guys, then enter a relationship by seemingly choosing one of them?Now let’s be honest here,how often does this situation actually happen?(rarely).

In reality,love is about two imperfect people learning to accept one another’s flaws and loving them nonetheless. So why is the romance portrayed in books so unrealistic? Why are authors giving us the idea that love is about choosing someone over another rather than just accepting one person?

Couples are there for one another in every struggle their relationship endures. You don’t choose your partner,you don’t choose to fight with one another, you don’t choose to be jealous,you don’t choose to laugh at their jokes,you don’t choose to kiss them or hug them or love them.You don’t choose to fall in love. In all of these things,you don’t choose to do any of them, they just happen and that’s okay.

You choose your partner for one reason only,because you love them dearly and promise that you will continue to, through the good times and the bad. And that, unlike some romantic novels, is a realistic view of love and relationships.

6 thoughts on “Romance novels- Unrealistic view of real love and relationships.”

  1. Yes. I agree life and relationships isn’t what it appears to be in books or even movies. There’s ups and downs, misunderstandings and figuring things out along the way that make it more interesting and more of an adventure. It is also what makes it rewarding.

  2. This is so true! Nobody has a picture perfect relationship and most importantly, we must remember that books and movies skip the ugly stuff. Thanks for sharing!

    Arshi |

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